Media Village

Media Village is a universal media hub which has been established with the vision of transforming media for a wholesome world and it has been creating world class facilities for media production for the more than a decade. It is branched out into St. Joseph College of Communication, Media Village Studios, 90.8 Radio Media Village FM CR, Mediasys and Media Village Centre for Information Technology.

St. Joseph College of communication is the first university affiliated media college in South India offering five post graduate courses and six undergraduate courses in media, communication and design. It makes us one of the largest talent pools in South India for communication and design.

90.8 Radio Media Village FM radio established with the aim of uplifting the weaker sections of the society and to create a culture of sharing and caring makes waves in the community of with the quality of its programmes as well as the values it stands for. Its meritorious service to the society has been acknowledged by the union government with three national awards in just three years of its inception.

In brief, Media Village is a one stop solution for all your needs related to media and communication.


Our mission is to find and execute brands as well as the promotion of brands using the most advanced media technologies. We invent and execute it in a professionally creative manner to bring out eminence above expectation of our clients.


In the forthcoming years we will be contributing our own productions to the leading channels of Kerala and India and aims to brand a new channel with the sole ownership under media village in order to deliver flawless quality outcome towards the voyage of discovery.


Leading ahead through quality

We have a luminous target to grow as a global standard production house making use of the strength of our establishments and resources. We combine a variety of talents to provide entertainment along with the focus on reality through the outlook of spectators.